A day in the life of a Geldards Senior Paralegal...

Jack Turner: Senior Paralegal

10th May 2017

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Geldards dedicated Energy & Resources team includes individuals from different disciplines, experience and backgrounds who advise clients on a diverse range of matters.

Our Energy & Resources (Networks) team is renowned for delivering straightforward, practical and commercially astute advice; in a sector that thrives on change.

Jack Turner explains a “day in the life” of his role as a Senior Paralegal, within the Networks team.

I pull up to The Arc, what a beautiful building, I cannot believe I work here. The smell of a nice, warm pasty lingers from the Café van which is perfectly located at the front door. No wonder I struggle to diet.

First things first, I log on to see what the morning emails are like for that day and as I settle down with my brew in hand, I prioritise my client updates. Dealing with client correspondence is a priority in the Networks team and to respond within a 24-hour period is a promise that we adhere to in order to maintain a good client rapport.

Now my client updates have been dealt with, I progress my files accordingly.

My files are quite varied, whether it be a Deed of Grant, Lease, Transfer, Deeds of Variation, Surrender, Release, Covenant/Agreements/First Registration and Adverse Possession, all of which are used to secure rights over land for Western Power Distribution (WPD) and their apparatus. This apparatus can range from overhead and underground electric lines, substations and many more. WPD provide electricity to approximately 8 million customers covering over 55,000 square kilometres of service area, I need to be as efficient as possible.

Lunch time! Arguably one of my favourite parts of the day and my colleagues are all concerned as to what I will be devouring within the hour; will it be a sandwich meal deal? Do I dare treat myself to a fast food meal? Alas, I have leftovers from the night before…the joys of dieting when all I really want is a packet of crisps and a handful of biscuits.

The afternoon is here, I log on and check the emails that have come in over the course of the day. Managing your emails is imperative, whether it is an external email from a client or internal from a colleague. We pride ourselves on our growth and in order to guarantee that everyone in the department is on the right page, I receive regular internal emails from my Senior Management team providing helpful tips, guidance and generic advice, so therefore managing these emails goes a long way. Cue the ever popular ‘Training’ folder created in Outlook.

As the day is coming to a near I note that I have dealt with a lot of correspondence coming in, it is time to deal with correspondence going out. The final leg is what I call, chaser hour. All of the files where I am waiting for a party whether it be the other side’s solicitors, a third party or even client, it is time to do my duties and send out some chasers in order to get a response and progress the file. For due diligence I would also send an update email to the client regarding the position.

The day is pretty much over, my emails have been dealt with, the client has been updated and I have got a completion or two, I would call this a productive day.

If you have any questions regarding our Energy & Resources team, please do not hesitate Jamie Gordon - Partner and Team Leader




A Day in the Life of an Energy & Resources Paralegal...
Geldards' Sian Miller explains a “day in the life” of her role within the largest dedicated electricity distribution team in the UK.


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