A day in the life of a Geldards Trainee Solicitor...

Myckala Jones: Trainee Solicitor

8th June 2017

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Geldards dedicated Corporate team has an outstanding reputation as a 'Top Tier', client-focuses, alternative to City firms for mid value corporate transactions.

Our Corporate team is renowned for delivering straightforward, practical and commercially astute advice; in a sector that thrives on change.

Myckala Jones explains a “day in the life” of her role as a Trainee Solicitor, within the Corporate team.

Having reached the mid-point of my second seat, I thought now would be a good time to reflect on my experience within the Corporate team and the firm as a whole.

I completed my first seat in the firm’s Corporate Risk & Insurance team. Towards the end of my seat I was all too aware that having established good working relationships with the team I would shortly be moving. I was understandably apprehensive about the prospect of moving teams and knew it would involve starting from scratch in a new area of law. However, moving to my second seat made me realise the friendly ethos of the firm and the approachability of every member of staff within it.

Having been told that Corporate would be my next seat I was keen to find out about the team and what my role would encompass. I emailed one of the newly qualified members of the team who quickly offered to meet me for coffee to explain what I could expect. I discovered that the week prior to me joining the team, they would be having their annual conference where members of the Corporate team from the Cardiff, Nottingham and Derby offices would meet to discuss their respective areas of expertise and in the name of team building, indulge in an all-expenses paid meal during the evening.

Keen to capitalise on the opportunity to meet everyone before I joined, I approached the conference organiser to check , (with the approval of my current team leader), whether it would be possible for me to attend the conference. My request was approved and I was added to the list of attendees.

After confirming I would be attending the conference the team went one step further and informed me that I’d been given an hour slot in the conference to present on a Corporate topic of my choice. I’ll admit that I did have a moment of panic given that I had less than 2 weeks to prepare and would have been walking into a conference of experts with the knowledge of a student who left university three years ago. Just as I began to consider what topic I could possibly present, I was informed that the team had in fact played a practical joke on me and had used the opportunity to gage my reaction. In hindsight, with the knowledge of the team that I now have, I should have known.

My time at the conference allowed me to see the broad range of expertise held across the offices, from mergers and acquisitions to banking, charities and tax. It also showed me how friendly and approachable the team are as a whole .

At this stage in my training contract I must say that the ethos is consistent with that of all of the teams I’ve encountered within the firm, whether as a trainee in that team or when referring matters outside of my team’s expertise to other departments.

As part of this seat I’ve drafted details of engagement, had client contact, undertaken completion searches, drafted various legal documents and completed niche research tasks in response to clients’ queries. The exposure I’ve had to date has been broad to say the least. As well as arranging some form of payback for the practical joke the team played on me, I’m excited to see what the second half of my seat and indeed the rest of my training contract and career with Geldards will entail.




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