A Day in the Life of a Geldards trainee...

Sarah Holford

8th March 2017

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Trainee solicitor Sarah Holford is week's away from qualifying as a Solicitor after spending 22 months developing alongside lawyers at Geldards. In this blog post, she tells us about a training day with Geldards corporate team - where she has been completing her final seat.

Thursday, 2nd March 2017

10.00am: We arrive at Cardiff to meet the team there. Everyone is incredibly friendly and introductions are made over tea, coffee and pastries.

11.00am: We begin the morning with the hardest session of all – Loan Market Association training! We were provided with an LMA Multicurrency Term and Revolving Facilities Agreement. I must admit – this was absolute jargon to me at the beginning of the session! One of the Partners then went through what the document was, how it worked in practice and how it could affect our clients. We were given interactive questions to work through in groups. We then discussed the answers and how we got on. It was an interesting insight into banking work. I had not done anything like it before so it was nice to be exposed to something new.

1:00pm: Lunch! Time to quickly catch up on emails from clients. We all work from laptops now so we can take them to all meetings, external events etc and instantly access everything we would in the office. It has made life so much easier. We have a general chit chat with the other teams over sandwiches and huge slices of cake!

2.00pm: Time for presentations. Where members of the team have experience and insight into certain areas, they are invited to present to the rest of the team. This afternoon was a comparative of M&A in the UK & North America; Practicalities of Charites Mergers and the new Insolvency Rules. Geldards really try to develop your presentation skills. I have done 3 presentations so far as part of my training, all in front of an audience of partners. You are asked firstly to present on a topic of your choice, secondly on a legal topic of your choice and finally as a team for tender for services.

3.45pm: Our final event for the day was a training session on business development and what clients look for from their legal advisors. There are always plenty of networking events to get involved with and developing links to businesses in the community is really encouraged.

4.30pm: The conference is finished for the day so we are back to the hotel for an hour for another opportunity to catch up on emails and get ready for the evening.

5.30pm: Meeting the entire corporate cohort for cocktails and dinner at a great steak house. It was a really good opportunity to get to know the teams in other offices better. It also turned out to be a good night for karaoke...

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