Bethan is a specialist in competition law, including State aid law and public procurement. 

In relation to public procurement, Bethan can:

  • Advise you on the application of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015;
  • Draft or review your documentation for a procurement exercise to ensure it accords with the applicable rules;
  • Advise you on optimising the structure of your procurement in order to best achieve your goals and objectives.

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    Geldards Public Sector Wales Webinar Programme 2021
    These are unprecedented times, but helping you overcome challenges is what Geldards does best. As part of our commitment to supporting you through this challenging period, the Geldards Public Sector Wales Team will deliver a series of training and legal update webinars in 2021.
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    New Government, More Mutuals?
    Mutualising services to the public played a key role in the Con-Dem coalition, but what can we expect to happen over the next 5 years?