Bethan is a specialist in competition law, including State aid law and public procurement. 

Bethan has a wealth of experience in State aid law and can:

  • Analyse your project to determine whether there is, or could be, State aid;

  • Advise which particular rules and guidance apply to the aid. This varies depending on the type of aid, the industry sector and the recipient;

  • Help you ensure that your project complies with the rules. The method will vary case by case but could, for example, involve scoping an independent economic report to demonstrate that a project is on market terms, structuring the project in a particular way to fit it within either an exemption or an authorised scheme or modifying the project so that it no longer involves State aid;

  • Provide appropriate wording for your project documents to ensure the correct State aid treatment can be claimed, and to provide you with certain contractual protections (such as a clawback clause); and

  • Assist you to notify aid to the European Commission for authorisation, should this be necessary.