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31st January 2018

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David Williams, Chairman of Geldards, has been asked to form and chair a Metro Growth Board following the launch of the Metro Strategy last year. In the latest instalment of his blog, David explains how the board will operate and the benefits it will have for both cities.

"The Metro Growth Board will be established from a group of business leaders, the two council leaders, Ranjit Banwait and Jon Collins, and all three universities, Derby, Nottingham and Nottingham Trent.

The aim of the board will be to grow the economic prosperity of both cities. It will not be another talking shop. We will be taking a more strategic approach to generating growth and productivity by laying down challenges to various organisations to enhance the cities and their people.

The Metro Strategy and Metro Growth Board are huge opportunities for our two cities. It is an opportunity for a conurbation of 1.4million people (which puts it in the top 30 in Europe) to genuinely come together with one voice and a very clear sense of purpose to grow our region for the benefit of its local residents, employees and visitors. The two cities can share services to improve business, employment, transport and leisure links as well as potential £11 billion boost to the local economy by 2030. Our transport infrastructure can enable us to take best advantage of HS2, our wonderful airport and an incredibly central location.

What stands out to me is the economic parity of Derby and Nottingham. I believe maximum economic benefit will come through formal collaboration between organisations focusing on the area of the two cities and beyond.

What I hope the Metro Growth Board will give us is a metro area with a more powerful voice so that it can respond strongly to the challenges and opportunities of the post-BREXIT economy and engage effectively with both the Midlands Engine and UK Government.

Here at Geldards, many of our staff commute between the two cities, it is their place of work and home. They are the perfect example of people this initiative will benefit and I am looking forward to taking it forward with the new Board.




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