As well as the more traditional approach, Geldards is one of few practices in the UK to offer clients a collaborative divorce. Collaborative law aims to help you and your separating partner to work together to achieve a solution that suits both of you and your family, without involving the court.

If you decide that collaborative law is the right route for you, then each person appoints their own collaborative lawyer to represent them and signs an agreement committing to resolve any issues without going to court.

Collaborative Divorce

We will meet with you to talk through how the collaborative process works and plan your first meeting. We will then attend all meetings between you, your partner and their lawyer (called 4-way meetings because both partners and their lawyers attend) to discuss the issues that arise from your separation or divorce.

At this first meeting, you will both have the opportunity to set out what issues need to be resolved, such as childcare or finances, and the timescale you want to do this in. Typically, this takes between two and six meetings.

Support and Advice Throughout

Unlike mediation, where a lawyer guides but doesn’t influence the process, our collaborative lawyers will be on hand to provide support, guidance and legal advice ensuring the decisions reached have your and, if you have children, their, best interests at heart.

Ultimately, this approach aims to reduce the pain of divorce by helping to give you control. It will help you and your partner to communicate honestly and directly to come to a solution regarding assets and responsibilities that you both agree on, rather than one that has been decided and enforced by the court.

As a result, because you are both committed to finding a solution, the collaborative law process is generally quicker and cheaper than going through the Courts.

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