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Our Aim

At Geldards, we believe that everyone is entitled to an education that ensures they can reach their potential. We aim to provide clients with the best legal expertise available in order to achieve this. We understand that if you have got as far as this website, things at school, college, university or at home may not be going well, and you may be at a loss as to what to do next. We understand how difficult and stressful these times can be – our specialist team have helped thousands of clients or their children achieve their full potential in their education, future lives and careers.

Our experience means that we have designed our services around you and we offer a number of services which are client friendly and importantly allow you to choose the level of support you need.

We hope from reading about us and from your very first contact with our team that you find our services to be friendly and approachable as well as professional. We hope that you will choose us to help you or your child. You only get one education, let us help you ensure you or your child get the right one.


"What has been a very long and hard fight has received the outcome that was deserved. I would just like to say a very big thank you to each and every one of you for your part you played in fighting to get what L needs in order to be happy and to help him to achieve his full potential. You were all amazing and there is no way this outcome could have been achieved without you. The whole court experience was not parent friendly and had it just been me representing myself in front of the judge we had I don't think the same outcome would have been achieved."
Mr and Mrs F

"Geldards helped us understand how we could achieve our goal of getting P into a school suited for her. They were kind understanding and v helpful all the way through. We thank you so much for helping us on this journey. Now P can get the education she deserves! Thank Adam, Kevin, Lucy , Douglas and the whole team."
Mr and Mrs H

"We will be eternally grateful and thankful for your help in achieving what J needs to begin his educational journey at his new school, to have the opportunity to fulfill to his potential and be happy."
Miss B and Mr S

"We are so relieved to get C the help she needs. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that she will now be given a fair chance to reach her potential like any other child. You and the team have been absolutely brilliant through what has definitely been the most challenging time of our lives. Thank you."
Ms W

"'We feel J is on the right path now and is in an environment where he can flourish and it’s already made a huge difference to all of us. Nobody knows what his future holds but at least he has the same chances as everyone else now and that’s really life-changing for us all."
Mr and Mrs L

"We still can’t believe it!! As a family we all want to say a massive THANK YOU to each of you who made up the amazing team that has made this possible!! It’s the best Christmas present ever, knowing that our daughter is going to start her new school in January, a wonderful new start to a new year!"
Will and Emma, on our securing for them a specialist independent placement for their daughter, with the authority paying the full costs of the placement and therapies.


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Geldards Chairman Appointed Interim Chair At D2N2
Geldards Chairman David Williams has been appointed Interim Chair of D2N2 LEP with immediate effect.The change in role follows the appointment of current Chair Elizabeth Fagan as the interim Marketing Strategy Director for the newly formed NHS Track and Trace.



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