Liz specialises in Local Council law (the law and practice of Town and Parish Councils) and local authority law.

Liz is a qualified local council clerk. She has spent 6 years in the sector and understands the work of a Clerk from a Clerk’s perspective.

Liz was awarded Derbyshire Association of Local Council’s inaugural Clerk of the Year award in 2018

She has worked in local councils that have responsibility for buildings, car parks, open spaces, charities and cemeteries.

Liz can assist with the following

  • Standing Order, Financial Regulations and other policy and procedure drafting and advice
  • Committee, delegation and governance structures
  • Grant funding Applications and Public Works Loans
  • Negotiating and drafting leases
  • Land acquisition and disposal
  • Registering unregistered land
  • Advising on neighbourhood plans/neighbourhood developments orders
  • Procurement advice and contract negotiation/drafting
  • Capital project work advice and assistance
  • FOI and DPA request and ICO complaints
  • Members Interest Advice
  • Planning advice including judicial review
  • Cemetery advice
  • General Power of Competency advice
  • Advice and assistance with taking on services from the Principal Authorities

Liz has worked in a Unitary Council, County Council a three District/Borough Councils.

As a seasoned local authority lawyer – Liz has experience in a broad spectrum of matters including – Governance, conduct issues and investigations, Constitution and Standing Order advice, Planning advice, committee advice and administration, Judicial Review, procurement, Village Greens applications, land acquisition and disposal, regeneration, capital projects, housing law, and data protection and FOI.

At Mansfield District Council/Ashfield District Council Liz was the lead lawyer for the Leisure centres outsourcing and the council’s capital project and regeneration work.