EV Chat video podcast series starts Monday 28th September

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EV Chat is a series of video podcasts aiming to raise awareness and discuss issues around electric vehicle transport and infrastructure.

Hosted by Chris Everitt, Managing Director of EV Charging Solutions and Hélène Maillet-Vioud, property partner at law firm Geldards LLP in Nottingham who both have an interest personally and professionally in this area and want to help inform other businesses and individuals on what is going on in this sector both locally and nationally.

Whilst not your typical candidates for a social media sensation, between them they have a combination of practical and legal knowledge and more importantly an extensive network of useful and friendly contacts (who are willing to put themselves on video!) and who can enlighten us all with their fabulous knowledge, expertise and passion in all things around electric and low carbon transport.

With their help we will explore thrilling topics us such as:

  • What to consider when you are thinking about changing your transport services to electric;
  • What funding might be available to local businesses;
  • How to have a smooth EV charging installation process;
  • What innovations are there in the charging and electric transport sector;
  • Latest trends and developments in electric and low carbon transport solutions;
  • Recent case studies and project highlights to learn from.

Over the next few months, they will be joined by various special guests including transport and planning experts, local businesses and business owners who have made changes to their transport systems, electricity and infrastructure providers and transport strategy consultants.

Please look out for us on Geldards Twitter and LinkedIn starting from Monday 28th September.



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