Geldards Medical negligence team successfully settle case for young boy and his family

30th June 2016

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The Geldards’ medical negligence team have successfully settled a case for a young boy and his family.

The Claimant was born January 2005 and at aged 14 months contracted acute pneumococcal meningitis as a result of which he has been left with profound sensori-neural hearing loss.

The parents had consulted the defendant GP who reassured the parents despite the child’s reported symptoms there was no need to review him or admit him to hospital. Subsequently no arrangements were made by the Defendant to see the Claimant.

The advice was negligent and led to a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of the child who otherwise would not have suffered hearing loss and the requirement of cochlear implants. In addition, the failure resulted in the development of the child’s language skills being slightly impeded and that he would also have avoided problems with executive function, emotional/behavioural and communication difficulties.

The liability aspects of the claim were settled on the basis that the Defendant would pay 70% of the damages assessed for all permanent consequences arising out of the meningitis and Judgement to that effect was entered on 8th June 2014. The parties then proceeded towards quantification of damages with a Trial date fixed, which then converted into a Court Approval hearing following without prejudice discussions, after a Joint Settlement Meeting had failed to reach settlement.

Settlement reached £600,000 (the 30% deduction having been taken into account when reaching that figure).

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Geldards Medical Negligence Team Successfully Settle Case for Young Boy and his Family
Geldards’ clinical negligence team have successfully settled a case for a young boy and his family.


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