Graham has worked for clients within the automotive industry for in excess of 25 years. He understands motor retail clients needs in terms of their real estate portfolio.

A good example of Graham’s understanding of the industry in terms of property is the need to adapt manufacturer’s corporate identity requirements without lengthy and costly negotiations with landlords for consent to do so.

He is acutely aware of the specialist requirements for example 24/7 parts deliveries, ensuring the ability for transporters to make deliveries and that all planning conditions allow successful operation from the site together with mitigating any contamination issues.

Operational requirements change and Graham is particularly skilled at reviewing exit strategies from sites and discussing alternative uses with clients and operational strategies going forward.

Graham’s understanding of how the industry works and manufacturers requirements greatly enhances the ability to deliver the project with minimum downtime and cost. It also reduces the management time for clients in terms of having to input into the transaction because Graham already understands the requirements making the conversation and transaction quick and efficient.