Huw is an experienced consultant, whose expertise includes the currently diverging planning law systems in England and Wales.

Huw leads the firm’s team of other partners and lawyers advising on planning and environment law. His career in these fields started while he was a lawyer in local government in the early 1980’s. Huw’s experience over the years has encompassed most aspects of the planning system in England and Wales and a wide variety of environmental matters, particularly relating to habitat protection and contaminated land. He also has an extensive knowledge of related areas such as the law of highways.

In 2023/14 Huw’s team advised Powys County Council in the Mid Wales (Powys) Conjoined Windfarms Inquiry, the largest to be held in the UK to date and the longest planning inquiry to be held in Wales.

Shortly before that Huw successfully advised a local authority on the modification, due to the designation of a European Special Area of Conservation, of mineral and waste disposal planning permissions, involving a public inquiry, statutory challenges up to the Supreme Court and related Lands Chamber proceedings.

Huw has been a member of the Planning and Environment Law Committee of the Law Society of England and Wales since 2003.

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