Huw is consultant with over thirty years’ experience of compulsory purchase and land compensation law covering a wide range of infrastructure and development projects.

Huw’s career in compulsory purchase and compensation started in the early 1980’s undertaking compulsory acquisitions for local authority highway schemes.

Subsequently, Huw was responsible for compulsory acquisitions for the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation, including the compulsory purchase provisions of the Cardiff Bay Barrage Act.

Huw has also secured the approval of several CPO’s for significant town centre redevelopment schemes, such as Friar’s walk in Newport (South Wales) and the Markham Vale regeneration CPO in Derbyshire.

He continues to be involved with highways CPO’s most recently in the CPO’s for the new access roads to the Wrexham Industrial Estate.

Huw has considerable experience of advising on CPO compensation claims and has advised on a number of reported Lands Chamber cases, most recently advising the Welsh Ministers in Bishopsgate Parking (No 2).

Recently Huw as advised on the settlement of a land compensation claim through mediation.

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