Huw is an experienced adviser on local authority powers and functions. During his career he has worked in-house in local government and advised local authorities in both Wales and England.

At the start of his career Huw spent nine years as an in-house lawyer in a county council and gained broad experience across a whole range of local government functions. The insights gained in this way stood Huw in good stead after he joined Geldards to establish a public law team.

Huw’s advice to local authorities has been wide ranging and includes procedural advice on roles and positions of statutory officers, the appointment and powers of commissioners appointed in exercise of intervention powers, the interpretation of standing orders, auditors’ powers and the use of “well-being” powers.

Advice to local authorities on specific functions has encompassed town and country planning, compulsory purchase, highways, commons and open spaces, markets and fairs and children’s services. Huw has also advised local authorities on pervasive topics such as State aid and freedom of information.

Huw has also advised organisations representing local government on consolation responses and on their own constitutions.

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