Huw is a consultant with significant practical experience of advising charity trustee boards, particularly in the arts, culture and education sectors.

Huw was the supervising partner of Geldards charity law practice for over ten years from its inception and has considerable practical experience of advising charity trustee boards on governance issues. A particular area of expertise is in relation to charities incorporated by royal charter and Huw has worked on the grant of new or amended charters and the adoption of revised statutes for the English Speaking Union, the National Museum of Wales and the National Library of Wales and the Arts Council of Wales.

Huw is a long-standing adviser to the Wales Millennium Centre and is the Joint Company Secretary.

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    New Government, More Mutuals?
    Mutualising services to the public played a key role in the Con-Dem coalition, but what can we expect to happen over the next 5 years?