Why Mediation Is Important In Family Cases

For couples going through divorce and separation, it can be an extremely emotional and difficult process. Family mediation is there to help reduce conflict and protect family relationships as you navigate through this process.

We break down the importance of mediation in family cases and how it helps separating families to manage their issues in a confidential, safe, constructive and productive manner, at a fraction of the cost of litigation.

What is Family Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process that can help families to focus on their individual needs and desired outcomes. It encourages separating couples to sit down together and work out solutions. The goal is for both partners to come to an amicable, realistic and workable agreement.

You can read more about What is Family Mediation and How Does it Work here.

Why is mediation important?

The number of divorces and separations have been increasing over recent years. In 2019, there were 101,669 divorces in heterosexual couples in England and Wales, with exactly one third of marriages ending in divorce over the last 50 years. In particular, divorce rates tend to rise in the new year after the end of the Christmas period, resulting in what has become known as National Divorce Day.

Whilst emotions run high, couples can soon fall out and quickly become entrenched in lengthy battles. Lawyers are becoming increasingly expensive and it is often that the legal input does nothing to help diplomatic relations within a fragile family.

We are aware that most families do not fully understand the benefits of mediation, even when they have sought out legal advice. In fact, we have seen cases where solicitors have told their clients mediation will not work for them and cases where families have decided that mediation is not an option for them – before even having made themselves aware of the advantages of mediation over its alternative.

How we can help you make use of family mediation

Geldards are passionate about supporting mediation during family proceedings. We have two trained mediators in our team, Claire Dean and Fiona Apthorpe, and we are committed to helping families explore the options available to them. We will work with you during mediation sessions to help you consider the ways you can reach an agreement in relation to your children, finances and/or relationship environment.

Claire Dean, Partner and Mediator at Geldards, describes the process below:

“Mediation is challenging yet empowering. Mediation is a place where families can make their own decisions and arrangements that can later be formalized into court orders, avoiding a slow, aggressive and expensive court process,”

Whilst mediation is voluntary, couples should be encouraged to speak to a mediator before entering into the Court process. This allows them to assess whether some (or all) decisions can be made together to build a more collaborative future for their family.

Here at Geldards, we welcome any direct enquiries concerning the mediation process. If you require help or assistance with divorce or any other family matter, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our family law team below or our Mediation Assistant, Ranjit at ranjit.kaur@geldards.com.

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