Karl has expertise in advising Insolvency Practitioners as to the validity of their appointments and the validity of any underlying security interests.

He has undertaken numerous sales of bankrupt businesses acting for both purchasers and insolvency practitioners.

He also advises companies and their boards when facing financially difficult times. Expert advice is needed to guide companies through these periods and to understand the implications of the various provisions of the Insolvency legislation.

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    Turnover Rents
    One point I picked up on in the papers at the weekend was the proposed move by retail tenants to "turnover" rents so that the rent paid will be linked in some way to the money coming in via the tills.
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    Geldards Chairman Appointed Interim Chair At D2N2
    Geldards Chairman David Williams has been appointed Interim Chair of D2N2 LEP with immediate effect.The change in role follows the appointment of current Chair Elizabeth Fagan as the interim Marketing Strategy Director for the newly formed NHS Track and Trace.