Michael is an intellectual property law specialist with significant experience in confidentiality and trade secret cases.

In particular he was the lead partner in the following two heavyweight trade secret trials in the High Court:

  • Cray Valley v Deltech (which involved secret paint resin formulations)

  • The reported case of EPI v Symphony Plastics (which involved a formula for degradable plastics). This case went on appeal to the Court of Appeal, where Michael was acting for the successful respondent.

More recently Michael led a team acting in an application to the High Court for an urgent interim injunction to protect trade secrets, which settled by the defendants giving undertakings to the court.

Michael has also delivered seminars on privacy and confidentiality law, in particular to patent and trade mark attorneys.

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    Rent Payment Day – or is it?
    24 June is traditionally another quarterly payment day for the majority of retailers and commercial tenants. But with many retailers, pubs, restaurants and other operators either still being unable to trade or only trading with significantly reduced or limited trade, will they be in a position to pay?
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    Geldards Chairman Appointed Interim Chair At D2N2
    Geldards Chairman David Williams has been appointed Interim Chair of D2N2 LEP with immediate effect.The change in role follows the appointment of current Chair Elizabeth Fagan as the interim Marketing Strategy Director for the newly formed NHS Track and Trace.