Nino regularly mediates and represents clients in mediation proceedings. He has been trained as an ADR Group accredited mediator for over 10 years and focuses on ensuring clients at a mediation settle on terms they are comfortable with.

Drawing on his professional career that has spanned more than 25 years, Nino can share his first-hand knowledge of managing heavyweight and complex commercial and corporate disputes. He is also very aware of the importance clients place on finding the right balance between legal rights and commercially sensible solutions.

Few mediators in the UK have the level of experience, ability and intuition that Nino is able to share in the mediation environment.

Nino is not a mediator who pushes for settlement at all costs and does not believe in keeping or publishing his mediator ‘success rate’. Professionalism and consistency on the provision of his mediator services are the two most important values to Nino.

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    Rent Payment Day – or is it?
    24 June is traditionally another quarterly payment day for the majority of retailers and commercial tenants. But with many retailers, pubs, restaurants and other operators either still being unable to trade or only trading with significantly reduced or limited trade, will they be in a position to pay?
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    Geldards Chairman Appointed Interim Chair At D2N2
    Geldards Chairman David Williams has been appointed Interim Chair of D2N2 LEP with immediate effect.The change in role follows the appointment of current Chair Elizabeth Fagan as the interim Marketing Strategy Director for the newly formed NHS Track and Trace.