Geldards Private Client team has many years of collective experience in helping individuals and families at a time of bereavement and dealing effectively and empathetically with all matters relating to wills and estate administration and inheritance tax.

We tailor our services to meet your requirements. Rather than a call-centre approach, we have individual team members dedicated to your matter and who will work closely with you and keep you updated as the estate administration progresses. As well as providing an efficient service for straightforward estates, our specialist team regularly deals with high value and complex matters.

If you are a lay executor, the cost of having professional help with the estate administration process is usually payable from the estate and can save you a lot of time as well as providing you and the beneficiaries with peace of mind. Having expert input early on means any potential issues can be spotted and addressed in an appropriate way and all relevant tax allowances claimed to offset inheritance tax. There may even be scope for onward estate planning by rearranging an inheritance with a deed of variation within two years of the death of the deceased, to save significant tax now or in the long run.


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