Geldards LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales under number OC313172. Our registered office is at 4 Capital Quarter, Tyndall Street, Cardiff, CF10 4BZ.

A list of members may be inspected at our registered office.

Any reference on this website to the term "Partner" is a reference to a member of Geldards LLP or an employee of an equivalent standing and qualification.

SRA Regulation

Geldards LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”) (SRA number 425641). and we are subject to the rules of professional conduct set out in the SRA Standards & Regulations, a copy of which are available at

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance

We have compulsory professional indemnity insurance of £3 million in respect of each and every claim in place. Our policy covers work undertaken from offices in England & Wales, but extends to acts or omissions wherever in the world they occur. We have voluntary insurance cover in addition to this amount. Further details of both our compulsory and voluntary insurance cover is available from Jonathan Dancey, Finance Director.

Equality and Diversity

We are committed to promoting equality and diversity in all our dealings with clients, third parties and employees. Please contact us if you would like a copy of our Equality and Diversity Policy.

Accounting for interest on client money

We are required to account to clients for interest on money held by us on a client’s behalf if it is fair and reasonable to do so and in accordance with a written policy. Our policy is to account for interest on such money (at a rate determined by us from time to time) in respect of the period for which such money is held.

However, we will not account for interest on a matter if the amount of interest would be less than £50. In determining the rate payable, we take into account the rates generally obtainable from banks and building societies for instant access accounts and the amount payable by our bankers.

The rate currently determined by us is shown below or is obtainable on request.

The interest rate applicable for the period commencing 21 May 2018 is 0.05% per annum.


What to do if you need to make a complaint

We want to give you the best possible service. However, if at any point you become unhappy or concerned about the service, we have provided then you should inform us immediately, so that we can do our best to resolve the problem.

In the first instance it may be helpful to contact the person who is working on your case to discuss your concerns and we will do our best to resolve any issues. If you would like to make a formal complaint, then you can read our full complaints procedure here. Making a complaint will not affect how we handle your case.

What to do if we cannot resolve your complaint

The Legal Ombudsman can help you if we are unable to resolve your complaint ourselves. They will look at your complaint independently and it will not affect how we handle your case.

Before accepting a complaint for investigation, the Legal Ombudsman will check that you have tried to resolve your complaint with us first. If you have, then you must take your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman:

  • Within six months of receiving a final response to your complaint and
  • No more than six years from the date of act/omission; or
  • No more than three years from when you should reasonably have known there was cause for complaint

If you would like more information about the Legal Ombudsman, please contact them.

Contact Details


Call: 0300 555 0333 between 9.00 to 17.00.


Legal Ombudsman PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9WJ

What to do if you are unhappy with our behavior

The Solicitors Regulation Authority can help if you are concerned about our behavior. This could be for things like dishonesty, taking or losing your money or treating you unfairly because of your age, a disability or other characteristic.

Visit their website to see how you can raise your concerns with the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint and it relates to a contract we entered into online or by other electronic means, then, if you are a consumer, you may be able to submit your complaint to a certified alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider in the UK via the EU ODR platform.

The ODR platform is an interactive website offering a single point of entry for disputes between consumers and traders relating to online contracts. The ODR platform is available to consumer clients only (i.e. where you have instructed us for purposes outside your trade, business, craft or profession).

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