Rowland has over 35 years’ experience of acting for major landowners based mainly, but not exclusively, in South Wales.

In relation to development matters, acting for landowners typically involves the disposal of development land by way of option, promotion agreement, conditional contract or competitive tender. These transactions often involve acting for a consortium of landowners in their dealings with one or more developers.

Working with planning and tax colleagues and usually in conjunction with specialist surveyors, Rowland regularly advises landowners on how to structure such transactions so as to produce the maximum return for the least risk while at the same time maintaining control of the land and an income from it until finally disposed of.

Rowland has recently acted for a family trust on a hybrid promotion/option agreement for its share in a development of 7,000 houses in Cardiff; for a private company with land in Caerphilly to be promoted for residential development; and for a farming family granting an option for development in the Vale of Glamorgan.