What's the purpose of this privacy notice?

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This privacy notice sets out information about our use of personal information relating to individuals we have dealings with, including our clients, individuals who use our website and individuals who subscribe to our newsletters and updates. It also sets out details of the rights individuals have in relation to our use of their personal information and various other information which we are required to provide under data protection law.

In particular, this privacy notice provides information to individuals about how they can object to our use of their personal information (see here), how they can withdraw any consent they have given to us to enable us to process their personal information (see here) and how they can make a complaint (see here).

We may provide additional privacy information to individuals on specific occasions when we are collecting personal information. This is to ensure that we are being transparent about why and how we are using personal information. This privacy notice supplements any other such notices and is not intended to override them.

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