Independent School Disputes

Our education law team have specialist expertise in dealing with issues on behalf of parents against independent schools and achieving a satisfactory outcome for them. Parents often work and save hard in order afford the fees at independent school and expect a high standard of education and pastoral support for their children. Sometimes independent schools fall below the standard expected by the fee-paying parents.

Services we provide:

  • Advising on admissions issues
  • Advising and representing parents in exclusion, expulsion or suspension proceedings
  • Advising parents on requests for removal of their children from a school
  • Advising and representing parents in the complaints process
  • Advising and representing parents over bullying issues
  • Advising and representing parents in discrimination cases
  • Advising and supporting parents who have withdrawn their child from an independent school without giving a term’s notice leading to non-payment of school fees
  • Advised on breach of contract/negligence claims

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