We are committed to minimising any adverse impact our activities may have on the environment and encourage others to do the same.

We constantly strive to sustain and protect the environment, and continually improve our environmental performance by:

  • Meeting the requirements of all environmental legislation regulating our business
  • Reducing our consumption of energy, water, stationary and other materials wherever practicable
  • Using recycled materials wherever practical
  • Minimising the creation of waste
  • Promoting the recycling of waste
  • Continuing to dispose of all waste through safe and responsible methods
  • Encouraging everyone in the Firm to participate in the development and implementation of our environmental policy and to give instruction and training to achieve the objectives of our policy
  • Seeking the co-operation of our suppliers and contractors in meeting our objectives and wherever practicable to purchase supplies and services which have minimum impact on the environment
  • Reducing our carbon footprint via our active business travel policy which challenges all business travel and promotes technology for internal and client meetings

Our move in 2019 to Capital Quarter enabled Geldards to relocate its Head Office to a modern, state of the art and energy efficient building. CQ4 is a Grade A building that is BREEAM Excellent and EPC ‘A’ Rated.

Concern for the environment is integral to our business strategy. In support of our commitment to improve our environmental performance, we continue to adapt our operations so that we are in a position to obtain the internationally recognised environmental management standard ISO14001. This will ensure we effectively measure the outputs of our objectives and set high, yet achievable, environmental and sustainability targets.

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