Pre-Nuptial Agreements & Wealth Protection

When you are planning your future life with your partner, the last thing on your mind is what would happen should the relationship break down. However, being prepared for just such an event with a Pre-Nuptial Agreement can give you peace of mind that your financial assets are protected for the future, particularly in cases of significant pre-marital or family wealth, or where there are children from a previous relationship.

A Pre-Nup (or a Post-Nuptial Agreement, if entered into after the marriage) is a legal agreement setting out how assets are to be divided on separation or divorce. With a divorce rate of 42%, higher for second marriages and rising for the over 50s, a Pre-Nup can bring certainty and, if the worst happens, limits the scope for emotionally draining and financially costly court proceedings.

A Pre-Nup can be used to ringfence pre-marital assets, family gifts or inheritances; it can be used to ensure that family money stays within the family and is preserved for the next generation and can be used to protect the financial interests of children.

Our specialist team of family lawyers have the expertise to advise you on the best way to protect your assets and reduce uncertainty in the future should the relationship end.

When properly drafted, Pre-Nuptial Agreements can be enforceable, and the courts will take them into account when deciding on how to divide assets.

Our highly experienced team will talk to you about your financial situation, discuss the issues which are important to you and your reasons for considering a Pre-Nup. They will advise how best to achieve your aims, which may include advice on Wills and inheritance tax planning and, in the case of business owners, advise on how to protect the family firm should the marriage not work out. We will guide you through the process in a constructive way to deal with matters efficiently and cost-effectively for both you and your partner, and prepare an effective Pre-Nuptial Agreement that meets both of your needs and safeguards your finances for the future.

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