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If you have dealings abroad, whether commercial or personal, then is it likely that you will need the services of a Notary Public.

Notaries form the third, and oldest, branch of the legal profession in England and Wales. A Notary Public certifies and authenticates documents for use in foreign legal jurisdictions and a document which has been “notarised” is recognised and accepted abroad.

One of the most common documents a Notary deals with is a power of attorney for use abroad. Individuals or businesses often need to give power of attorney to a foreign lawyer, employee or agent to sign documents on their behalf, including contracts to buy or sell property, to obtain tax or other certificates, or to set up companies or branch offices abroad.

Business owners and private individuals may also need to prove their identity to foreign government agencies or banks.

Commercial organisations may need documents notarising in connection with the export or import of goods, tendering for contracts abroad, or the appointment of foreign agents.

Private individuals looking to work or study abroad, claim overseas pensions, get married abroad, or give permission for their children to travel abroad without them, may all need the services of a Notary.

Some countries will accept a Notary’s certificate alone, while others will require a further international certificate called an “Apostille”, which is issued by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office under the Hague Convention and is sometimes referred to as a “Hague Apostille”. Some countries will require further legalisation at their embassy or consulate.

Mark Hacking, a partner in our Nottingham office, is a Notary Public. He can notarise documents for you, and obtain any necessary Apostille or consular legalisation, and also arrange for onward couriering of your document abroad.

Mark practices under his own name, and further details can be found on his website at He is happy to meet clients in the Nottingham or Derby offices.

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