Our education team are highly experience in helping dissatisfied parents address issues in schools where leadership, quality of teaching or support falls well below expected standards. Most schools provide good education and support for its students and their families.

Unfortunately, there are times where the quality of teaching and leadership in a school or it’s treatment of parents/their children falls well below the standards expected. A parent always has the right to challenge this through a school’s complaints procedure (procedure varies school to school) and seek for the school to redress the issue.

If the school fails to deal with your concerns internally and you feel that the Board of Governors and/or the Local Authority have not dealt with is appropriately, you can escalate the matter to the Secretary of State.

If the school is an academy school and you have exhausted the internal procedure, the next step is to take the matter to the Education Funding Agency. If your child is at an independent school, then it too should have a complaints procedure to follow. If you remain dissatisfied with the response received, you can pursue your complaint in writing to the Department for Education.

Parents can also complain to Ofsted over whole school issues such as quality of education or poor management. A parent will usually be expected to exhaust a school/academy’s complaints procedures and further avenues of complaint first, before Ofsted will look at a case. If it does consider a whole school complaint, then that can lead to an inspection of a school.

Geldards offers a free telephone consultation to all parents, which means you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s case with an expert lawyer before deciding on what action to take. We will always provide honest and impartial advice regarding the strength of your case and whether you should pursue it. Contact us now and arrange a free telephone consultation with one of our expert lawyers who will discuss your case with you, in plain English without any legal jargon. Our lawyers will consider your case and help you understand the best steps forward in resolving your issues with your school.

Services we provide:

  • We can help advise, conduct and represent parents in school complaints internal process

  • If you have completed the internal complaints progress, we can advise of on the correct avenue to take your complaint further and represent you at the next stage of your complaint

  • We can help advise and conduct complaints to the Secretary of State, Department of Education or Education Funding Agency

  • We can help advise and conduct complaints to Ofsted

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