A Family Mediation is where an impartial, trained mediator works with a separating couple to try and help them achieve a workable solution that meets both party’s needs. It can be used for a variety of situations, for example, in resolving financial disputes or making arrangements for children.

It is now a legal requirement that separating or divorcing couples should consider mediation to resolve the dispute before going to Court. The only exception is for cases where there is domestic violence or social services are involved.

Restoring Communication

At Geldards, we understand that most couples have tried everything before deciding to go their separate ways and in many cases communication has broken down. As a result, couples often feel that the only way to achieve a suitable resolution is to go to court. Our Family Mediation Service is designed to help restore communication and bring about a swifter, more amicable and affordable resolution to family disputes.

Our expert team of Family Mediators meets with both parties and works to identify and resolve those issues you can’t agree on. Mediators are neutral and don’t take sides. Nor do mediators give advice on your individual positions – instead they will help you to obtain independent legal advice as appropriate alongside the mediation process.

Giving You Control

Our Family Mediation Service gives you more control, helping you and your partner to make decisions that are right for you both and your family. Every decision about matters affecting you and your family are made through negotiation with you both – not by the mediators, and certainly not by lawyers or judges.

This helps to reduce conflict it has less of an impact on any children, takes a lot less time than pursuing cases through the Courts and almost always costs significantly less than going to Court.

Ultimately, Family Mediation aims to rebuild trust, open communication channels and encourage co-operation. When couples use this method, not only can it save time and money and help you both to move forward with your lives, but you will also retain control and dignity.

Full Mediation Service

We are able to undertake Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (known as MIAMs).

Our Family Mediation specialists are able to include children in discussions in appropriate circumstances but only if the parents and children agree. 

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