Belinda is a qualified solicitor with over 19 years experience most of which has been spent in the family law arena.

Belinda is a senior associate based in the Cardiff office, and in addition to representing clients in Wales and England in connection with Family Law matters, she also advises those based in various countries across the world who have legal matters governed by the courts in England and Wales.  She is an experienced specialist family solicitor having handled numerous cases from high net worth divorces, to complex children matters, for parents and other relatives too.

Belinda is able to advise across the range of family law issues relevant to people and their wider families and what happens when a relationship is starting out or coming to an end. Her expertise includes advising upon pre-nuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements, divorces, civil partnership dissolutions and cohabitation breakdowns and arrangements for children about where they live, go to school and who they spend time with (including beyond just parents).  She also advises in cases where domestic abuse impacts people’s lives.  Her empathetic and practical approach is reassuring for her clients and her financially realistic advice and, where relevant, child-focussed approach, key to positive outcomes.

Belinda is a keen advocate of a calm and conciliatory approach to cases wherever possible and rigorously upholds the core principles of Resolution (the association of family lawyers) in her work but also as the current Chair of the South Wales Resolution regional committee and a member of the Resolution national level Standards committee.   She is also very keen to promote the use of appropriate and accessible language within family law which has led her to sit as a member of the Family Law Language project too.

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