Court Orders On Parental Alienation Case

In a recent High Court case Re H the Court ordered an immediate change in a 12 year old child’s living arrangements, due to the mother having deliberately alienated the child from the father. This despite the child having not seen his father for some 18 months.

There had been in all six separate sets of court proceedings regarding the father’s contact with his son, issues over holidays and schooling.

The judge accepted that the father had had a good relationship with his son but that the mother had alienated the child and if the situation continued, the child would continue to suffer emotional harm.

The court decided that a transfer of living arrangements was the only possible outcome to protect the child and his relationship with his father. The judge held that the impact on the child of such a sudden move would not last long and indeed that turned out to be the case.

The case shows that in so called parental alienation cases an immediate change in living arrangements can be successfully achieved.

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