Divorce Goes Digital

By Charlotte Hajduk, Paralegal

Last week, applying for a divorce in England and Wales became a digital process, so it’s out with the slow and archaic paper-based systems, and in with the twenty first century technology.

Other than in a limited set of circumstances, family practitioners are now required to make applications for divorce by way of the Court’s online system. Parties can indicate they are willing to accept service of documents via email, which will inevitably work to eliminate many of the frustrating delays of the post.

This is a timely advancement with much of the legal profession continuing to work largely from home in the wake of the pandemic.

While the advancement appears to make applications for divorce more “user friendly” for a lay person than ever before, it is important to note that the law underpinning the procedure to obtain the Decree of Divorce has not changed.

Despite this “user friendly” appearance, a divorce will not be granted unless the legal and procedural requirements have been complied with and for those considering obtaining a divorce without the assistance of a family solicitor, we strongly recommend you consider obtaining legal advice to ensure you avoid mistakes and unnecessary delays.

The changes are only one of many in the divorce process this year, following the announcement of “No Fault Divorce” set to be introduced in April 2022.

The Family Team at Geldards are ready to embrace the technology advancements and the efficiencies that will inevitably follow.

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