Family Mediation Week 2023

This year Family Mediation Week is taking place from 16th to 20th January 2023. The aim of Family Mediation Week is to raise awareness of mediation and how it helps separating families manage their issues productively and collaboratively.

The Geldards family team are committed members of Resolution who support family mediation week. With a highly experienced mediation team, we assist with the whole spectrum of issues arising from relationship breakdowns; offering practical and pragmatic guidance in relation to child arrangements and financial matters.

Throughout Family Mediation Week we will be offering free initial chats to our clients and prospective clients, to discuss their suitability for mediation and how we can assist moving forward. We will also be highlighting different mediation options, enabling you to reach a resolution that works during separation and beyond.

Family Mediation Voucher Scheme

The family mediation voucher scheme has been running successfully since March 2021, it is a time limited scheme, designed to help families access mediation services. Vouchers can assist in cases where there is a dispute regarding a child; be it an isolated issue or one where there are also financial matters to be resolved.

Each family is entitled to a one-off contribution of up to £500 towards their mediation costs.

Geldards are proud to have been selected by the Family Mediation Council to participate in this scheme.

How do I apply for a family mediation voucher?

At your initial meeting, we will discuss the voucher scheme with you and determine if your case is eligible. You will be offered a voucher contribution subject to suitability, case type and availability.

If you are eligible and decide to proceed with mediation, we will apply for the voucher funding on your behalf.

What do I need to do next?

For a free, no obligation chat about mediation and potential funding, please contact our Family team specialists Fiona Apthorpe, Claire Dean below or our Mediation Assistant, Ranjit at

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