Geldards Chairman Is Appointed Interim Chair Of D2N2 LEP

Geldards Chairman David Williams has been appointed Interim Chair of D2N2 LEP with immediate effect.

The change in role follows the appointment of current Chair Elizabeth Fagan as the interim Marketing Strategy Director for the newly formed NHS Track and Trace. David brings a wealth of experience on the board of the D2N2 LEP and has been the Deputy Chair since September 2018.

Commenting on the appointment, David said:

“It is a reflection of the reputation and quality of Elizabeth that she has been appointed to such a prestigious role. It also reflects the strength and calibre of the leadership we have on the D2N2 board.

“I’m honoured to be asked to take on this interim role until Elizabeth returns. Our region, along with the wider UK, is facing an unprecedented task in rebuilding our post-pandemic economy as well preparing for a new trading position after we leave the European single market. Working with my excellent fellow board members, we will continue to work tirelessly to create the initiatives and partnerships to ensure the east midlands remains the economic powerhouse it has always been.”

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