Geldards Family Partners Lead The Way In Mediation Talks

Two partners in the Geldards family team are leading the way in local discussions regarding mediation in family cases. Fiona Apthorpe and Claire Dean as practising solicitor mediators were in attendance with Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division to discuss the importance of mediation in reducing conflict in family cases, especially those involving children.

The panel included senior members of the judiciary and local child practitioners specialising in arrangements for children in separated families. Fiona and Claire are both qualified mediators.

They discussed the steps that can be taken to promote mediation as an alternative to court proceedings, how to make it more accessible to everyone and how it might be possible to reduce the cost for families who have taken the steps to try it before going to court.

Claire Dean, said:

“It was an honour to be invited to attend the discussions on the importance of mediation. As a mediator, I recognise the importance mediation holds in family cases and how it can greatly reduce the anxiety and cost involved in going to court, which are huge issues in family cases.”

Fiona Apthorpe, said:

“To be invited to such an important meeting is credit to our team’s passion for the benefits of mediation in family law cases. We share the president’s wish that all family lawyers understand the benefits of a holistic approach to family law and exploring out of court options.”

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