Geldards Partner Appointed As Chair Of Nottingham Broadway

Geldards partner Paul Southby, has been appointed as chairman of Nottingham cinema Broadway. The independent cinema, café, workshop and meeting space is located in the heart of the famous Lace Market area and is a driving force behind independent film, arts and technology across the Midlands.

The Broadway is home to award winning filmmakers such as Jeanie Finlay and Wellington Studios, as well as the BFI Film Academy which supports young people to begin their film or artistic careers. The cinema also hosts Q&A sessions with industry professionals, support several cultural courses and workshops with academia and are the go to for independent film showings.

Paul, said:

“I am honoured to have been appointed to take over from Fred Brookes, as chair of the Broadway, the heart of Nottingham and a pivotal part of its cultural offering.

“As chairman of Marketing NG, I’m passionate about Nottingham and what it has to offer and believe that supporting local cultural initiatives has great importance. I look forward to working with Broadway and supporting the team with the future development of the cinema.”

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