Geldards Pro Bono support for Nottingham’s Switch Up group helps young offenders

Pro Bono Week (6th– 10th November 2023) celebrates the voluntary contributions of the many legal professionals who provide free legal ‘pro bono’ advice to individuals and charities, supporting those most in need and ensuring the most disadvantaged people in society get access to justice.

During Pro Bono Week Geldards is shining a light on some of the ways local charitable causes have benefited from pro bono advice.

The Marcellus Baz Group’s Switch-Up organisation empowers children and young adults in Nottinghamshire to break the cycle of offending and reoffending by engaging them in positive activity, such as mentoring and physical training, helping to steer them away from crime and anti-social behaviour.

Over the past year Geldards has supported the organisation’s vital work by providing over £10,000 of pro bono advice. Most recently Geldards provided fast turnaround advice regarding leasing the River Maun Recreation Centre from Mansfield District Council. As Switch-Up CIC is not a charity Geldards prepared and negotiated a previously prohibited sublease and sublet licence to the Nottingham School of Boxing (part of the wider Group) within the terms and conditions the Council required, ensuring that Switch-Up avoided the onerous burden of business rates.

Switch-Up were delighted with Geldards’ pro bono advice and CEO Marcellus Baz, commented:

“Thank you for all your excellent work – you completed it with great diligence, speed, skill and professionalism – we’re very impressed and grateful for your efforts”.

Last year Geldards lawyers provided over 250 hours of pro bono advice equating to an impressive £75,000 worth of free legal advice.  To celebrate  Pro Bono week Geldards has relaunched its Pro Bono policy to reaffirm its commitment to supporting local communities and enhancing social value.

To find out more about Pro Bono week 2023 please click here.

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