Managing Your Software & Cloud Agreements

IT investments are crucial for businesses in today’s digital landscape, driving efficiency, competitiveness, and innovation. However, the importance of these investments is counterbalanced by their high cost and complexity.

Implementing cutting-edge technologies, maintaining security, and adapting to rapid changes require significant financial resources and skilled professionals. Striking the right balance between investment, risk management, and strategic alignment is paramount for long-term success in the business world.

While software and tech/BPO outsourcing agreements may differ in how or what they are supplying, a number of common issues frequently arise in negotiations of all software related agreements.

Geldards Partner & IT specialist Justin Harrington has produced helpful resources to help organisations manage their software & cloud agreements and, in a future update, will explore the key issues that give rise to IT Disputes.

Click below to read the Ten Top Tips to Managing your Software & Cloud Agreements. (English & Welsh version available)

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Ten Top Tips to Managing your Software & Cloud Agreements

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