NHS computer issues putting patients at risk

New BBC report uncovers shocking statistics

A report from the BBC has highlighted widespread problems with the NHS’ IT systems, as well as evidence of cover-ups to hide the issue.

The BBC discovered that nearly half of English hospital trusts with electronic patient systems reported issues that could affect patients, and the IT failures have already been linked to three deaths and more than 100 incidents of serious harm for patients in hospitals in England.

Clinicians have reported difficulty accessing critical patient information and thousands of letters failing to go out to GPs and patients, causing appointments, changes in medications or doses and even cancer diagnoses to be missed.

A word from Geldards…

We are shocked to hear the extent of the problem with the NHS computer systems, which were developed to improve patient safety. Clinicians rely on up-to-date information and a full picture of every patient to give the best possible care. We hope that the BBC’s report will ensure that rapid changes and improvements are made to ensure the IT systems are fully functional, reliable and safe for patients in the future.


You can read the full BBC report here:

NHS computer problems put patients at risk of harm – BBC News

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