Parental Alienation

Cases of Parental Alienation are sadly increasing and, in addition to increasing harm in already emotional circumstances, can be difficult to prove.

Sadly such cases are increasing so early legal advice and Court intervention is essential to avoid long term emotional harm to the child involved and irreparable damage to the relationship the child has with its parents.

Parental Alienation can also be difficult to prove. Meticulous record keeping including maintaining contemporaneous notes where contact arrangements are disrupted and retaining copies of emails, text messages and telephone logs, will assist. Early court intervention may involve orders for indirect contact between the child and the estranged parent including telephone and written communications . It will be intended that this will lead to the child enjoying face to face contact with the parent.

In more extreme circumstances where it is clear the implacable hostility of a parent means the child’s welfare is at risk, the Courts may decide to change living arrangements to allow the child to live with the other parent.

Social services and Cafcass involvement will provide further support.

Whilst divorce may dissolve a marriage , parents retain Parental Responsibility. This should be exercised in the best interests of the child.

When separating parents communicate and co-operate and place the interests of their child first their child will thrive.

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