Prescription errors - When is there a claim?

What is a prescription error?

These could include:

  • Being prescribed the wrong medication.
  • Being prescribed a medication that clashes with other medication you are taking.
  • Being prescribed a medication for longer than is recommended or without the required check-ups.
  • Being prescribed the wrong dosage.
  • Dispensing or labelling errors, such as being handed the wrong medication or dose by the pharmacist.

When does a prescription error give rise to a claim?

Most prescription errors won’t have a huge impact on a patient, but there are cases when it can have devastating, even fatal, consequences.

There are cases where patients have become addicted to prescription drugs, like benzodiazepines for example, when they have been prescribed them for longer than the recommended time by their GP.

There are also cases where patients have suffered allergic reactions or extreme adverse side effects to medications they have been prescribed. Others have had other medications affected by a new medication, resulting in worsening symptoms.

Generally, if your condition has become worse, or you’ve developed another condition as a result of a prescription or dispensing error, you may have a claim against your GP, pharmacist or medical professional.

Other medications that are commonly involved in prescription error cases are benzodiazepines, diazepam and valium.

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