Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) Five Minute Briefing

Jonathan Butler, Partner and Head of Automotive comments on the recent Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) 5 minute briefing:

“The brave new world post COVID will have huge legal implications. As traditional office-based businesses shift to or blend with remote-working, how will businesses manage dispersed workforces? How will working times be regulated or safe-working conditions guaranteed? How will businesses protect confidential information and personal data routinely accessed from unsecure premises? How will disparate working affect innovation, supervision and cohesion? Are businesses ready to safely accept employees back? What about employees who refuse to attend work due to COVID-related concerns if they believe it puts them in serious danger? Are contracts, policies and procedures now fit for purpose? These will be challenging times as businesses navigate their way forward.”

To read the Full VRA 5 minute briefing click here.

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