Wales Climate Week 21- 25 November 2022

Wales Climate Week provides an annual opportunity to hold a national conversation on climate change.

The week explores the urgent action needed to reduce carbon emissions and create greater resilience to the impacts of climate change we are already experiencing across Wales.
Wales Climate Week 2022 is about climate choices and the important contribution that the general public can make in helping to tackle climate change.

This year’s event coincides with a consultation on a new draft ‘Strategy for Public Engagement & Action on Climate Change (2022-2026)’. Discussion will centre around this Strategy and the twin challenges of tackling the climate and cost-of-living crisis, the urgency of action and the co-benefits linked to changing the way we all live our lives. Sessions will cover the role of climate policies and programmes in helping to provide the right support and conditions to enable people to act. The importance of social justice will also be a central theme, and how action on climate change presents an opportunity to resolve some of the embedded inequalities in our society.

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