Women’s Work (Derbyshire) Limited

Claire Dean Head of Children Law, has recently visited a new facility that Women’s Work (Derbyshire) Limited are offering families.

Claire was impressed by the wonderful facilities that families can access where supervised or supported contact is required. Furthermore Claire was keen to let clients know that whilst entitled “Women’s Work” there are facilities for men to see their children either directly or indirectly within the building and also for both men, women and sometimes families together to attend a variety of life enhancing programmes dealing with parenting, healthy relationships, domestic abuse, finance and debt, confidence, self-esteem and return to work.

Claire Dean is a forward thinking Partner who is willing to research all options that may help her clients and their families both within the legal process and outside of that process.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact her on (01332) 378372.

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