Geldards launches new business immigration service to help employers

Geldards has launched a new service to help organisations deal with complex immigration-related employment issues.

Geldards has set up its Business Immigration Team following changes to the law and increased demand from clients.

The team, which will be based within Geldards’ Tier 2 ranked Employment Team, will help businesses, charities and public sector organisations navigate the new rules and processes involved in employing people from overseas.

Joga Singh, partner at Geldards who heads the new team, said:

“Over the past year we have noticed an increase in the number of requests from our clients for advice on business immigration issues.
“Immigration rules and processes have changed, and organisations in many sectors of the economy have found it’s no longer as straightforward as it used to be to hire overseas workers.
“There’s also been an increase in enforcement of both criminal and civil penalties for employers who employ individuals without the requisite right to work in the UK.
“Fines can be as high as £20,000 for each illegal worker, which has led to greater scrutiny of business immigration issues and anxiety among our clients.”

Over the last few months there has been a steady stream of headlines about staff shortages in various parts of the UK economy.

Certain sectors, such as farming, hospitality, care and most recently transport, have struggled to recruit and retain enough people with the right skills.

But many organisations that once recruited overseas workers to fill the gaps are uncertain about the new immigration rules.

Geldards’ Business Immigration Team, which is comprised of qualified employment lawyers with both Business Immigration and Employment Law expertise, can help those organisations with:

• Applying for and obtaining a sponsorship licence.
• Advising on the ongoing obligations an employer has as a sponsor.
• Advice on visa requirements.
• Advice on workforce planning and risk mitigation.
• Advice on right to work checks and obligations.

For more information, contact the team Business Immigration Team

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