Geldards secure damages for failure to arrange a Glucose Tolerance Test

Amy-Beth Probert in Geldards’ Medical Negligence team recently concluded a medical negligence claim on behalf of a mother who sought assistance after she suffered a stillbirth, 35 weeks into her pregnancy.

The Trust, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, failed to screen our client for Gestational Diabetes in accordance with their Policy, despite the fact she fell into the high-risk category.

Whilst pregnant, our client began suffering abdominal discomfort at 33 weeks and a routine Glucose Tolerance Test (‘GTT’) was arranged to take place the following week during a community midwife appointment. When our client arrived for her GTT, she was advised she was too late for the test to be performed on that day and it would have to be rearranged.

Our client had a subsequent appointment with a Consultant Obstetrician at 34 weeks and underwent a foetal growth scan at 35 weeks. Whilst it was noted during these appointments that the GTT had not been performed, no arrangements were made to expedite the test.

Three days after her last Consultant appointment, our client attended hospital as she was concerned about reduced foetal movements. Tragically, the baby had died.

The Trust, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, initially denied liability.

Geldards LLP obtained expert medical evidence from a Consultant Obstetrician and a Consultant Psychiatrist in support of the claim. We successfully argued that, in accordance with the judgment in Bagley v North Herts HA (1986), the family should be awarded the equivalent of the Statutory Bereavement award for the loss of the baby.

The case was settled for damages of 35,000 plus costs.

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