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Geldards recognise that children in separating families need support both now and post lockdown in what social workers are describing as a ‘tsunami of needs that will follow when lockdown is lifted.

The British Association of Social Workers have recently reported that they anticipate a huge surge of referrals post lockdown once children return to school.

Social Services are concerned that lockdown is “cementing over cracks” in relationships. Social Workers report working with children via Zoom against backgrounds that are blank or superimposed. Limited visibility is, therefore, allowed into the home and often parents are both present preventing open and free discussions.

Claire Dean echoes social services view that disputes and problems concerning children of separating families are ‘the tip of the iceberg’. Like many professionals working with vulnerable children and families in distress, Claire is fearful about what is lying underneath the iceberg. Many children who may not have been vulnerable prior to the pandemic may have become vulnerable as the pandemic unfolds.

The government have announced that there will be a review of Social Services to help provide better support for families post lockdown in the light of these very challenging services.

Claire Dean and her team are committed to helping families and children improve their situations. If you or your children require help and advice as a result of family or relationship breakdown please do not hesitate to contact Claire Dean or a member of her team for help and assistance. .

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