Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust Maternity Scandal

Senior midwife Donna Ockenden’s long-awaited review has been published today following a five-year investigation of maternity services at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust. The team reviewed 1,592 incidents involving mothers and babies ranging from 1973 to 2020.

The damning and harrowing review found that mothers were forced to suffer traumatic births, with babies suffering skull fractures, broken bones or developing cerebral palsy after traumatic forceps deliveries. Others were starved of oxygen and experienced life-changing brain injuries.

The review found that poor practice was carried out over decades and the Trust are criticised for their reluctance to carry out caesarean sections. There was even a tendency at the Trust to blame mothers for their poor outcomes.

Diane Ockenden explained:

“The reasons for these failures are clear. There were not enough staff, there was a lack of ongoing training, there was a lack of effective investigation and governance at the Trust and a culture of not listening to the families involved…. What is astounding is that for more than two decades these issues have not been challenged internally and the Trust was not held to account by external bodies.” She continued: “Going forward, there can be no excuses, Trust boards must be held accountable for the maternity care they provide.”

The Trust previously stated that it takes “full responsibility” for the identified failures.

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