ASA’s new resources for influencers running prize promotions

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has recently published a checklist to help influencers and brands comply with the rules when running prize promotions online. The guidance follows an increase in complaints about influencers running online promotions.

Who do the guidelines apply to?

If you are running a promotion with a prize online (for example on Instagram or Facebook) or if you are a promoter, then you are responsible for the promotion from the beginning until the end. You are also responsible for ensuring the promotion follows the rules when collaborating or posting on behalf of a brand.

What’s does the checklist cover?

The checklist advises the following:

  • Administering the promotion – you should think carefully about whether you have got enough resources to administer the promotion and that you have sufficient time and the technical capabilities to run the promotion fairly and as described. You should consider how many people are likely to participate in the promotion and keep the entry method simple, so that you can keep track of who has entered. For example, if you offer extra entries for tagging, commenting or following, you need to be able to demonstrate that this genuinely results in an extra entry.
  • Preparing your posts and content – the terms and conditions for entering must be made easily accessible. The key conditions (such as the closing date) must be clear in all promotional posts and you should not change the terms during the course of the competition (other than in very specific situations).
  • Picking winner(s) – you should use an independent judge to select the winner(s) and document your winning selection process. If you are using the computer process which produces random results, this should be clearly stated within the promotion terms.
  • Awarding prizes – you must have a process in place which enables you to independently verify that someone has met the conditions for entry before awarding them the prize.

Don’t forget.

As promotions are considered advertisements, other advertising rules (in addition to the ASA’s guidelines) may apply. You should therefore familiarise yourself with all rules that could apply to the promotion and check the ASA’s guidance to make sure that the promotion is socially responsible.

Should you require any support with ensuring compliance with the ASA’s guidance, please get in touch with the Commercial Team.

Further information on the guidelines can also be found at

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